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  • Call or write the news media independently when possible and disagree with an article. The CAMERA Español website contains a wealth of thematically organized information that you can use in your letters.
  • Send CAMERA Español information to your friends, religious groups, schools, and organizations.
  • Enroll in CAMERA Español. Become a member. Get involved by submitting articles or making comments. We will send you informational “alerts” to write or call the media.
  • Make a donation to CAMERA Español . CAMERA Españolis a non-profit organization and your contribution can be deducted from your taxes. (Applicable to USA)
  • It is important! Send us articles from your local newspapers or publications in which the reality of Israel is misrepresented. We will try to contact the publisher or guide you with information that can help you obtain a correction. Do not remain indifferent! Join the CAMERA Español effort.

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Guidelines for local groups and individuals on how to monitor and communicate with the media

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